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What Is A Scarifier?

If you’ve seen a box blade chances are you’ve seen a type of scarifier, so what is a scarifier exactly? A scarifier is a basic attachment that acts like a dethatcher / aerator when used on a lawn however when used in a garden or field they kind of act like a plow/tiller. In both cases the main goal is to dig up old roots, weeds, and to break up the soil to make it easier for air and water to seep in deeper.

Why Use A Scarifier

Well it sure beats doing it by hand but really if you want to get the job done right and in a timely manner then you need the right tools for the job. A scarifier is designed just for that purpose and it’s good at it. You wouldn’t use a tiller to level out your driveway would you? So when would you use a scarifier? When you need to tear up the soil or prepping a garden or area for seed.

Different types of Scarifiers

There’s your basic scarifier which is just that but there are a few different attachments that are combo attachments such as the box blade. Most box blades use the front bar for shanks becoming a scarifier, Rippers and cultivators are also considered scarifiers. Even heavy duty landscape rakes can be used as scarifiers while they aren’t as effective as some of the others they might work for what you need depending on the circumstances.

Tractor Scarifiers

Tractor Scarifiers are designed to do just that scarify. When shopping for a scarifier you want quality built and strong frame work. Make sure the shanks are slotted into the bar with strong support for the pins to keep them from falling out and adjustable. Below are two choices for tractor scarifiers.

Land Shark Scarifier

While the Land Shark Scarifier isn’t cheap it’s one of the strongest on the market. Designed for tractors with a category 1 3 point hitch this scarifier will loosen and renovate soil with ease. 4 ole adjustable shanks with replaceable tips can help the longevity and end up saving you money down the road. The Land Shark Scarifier attachments also allows for a second implement such as a landscape rake to be attached behind it. This can save a lot of time doing 2 jobs with one pass.

Impact Implements CAT-0 Scarifier

If you are on a tight budget and looking for something a bit smaller Impact Implements Scarifier might be an option for you. The shanks on this attachment are slotted behind the bar with welded on plates. This might cause problems down the road but again it you are going to use it light work and are on a budget it’s an option.

Tractor Cultivators and Rippers

Cultivators also known as Rippers are more common than scarifiers because of the design of the shanks. The are designed to have a spring action to help prevent bending and breaking.

The EA 110 Single Row Cultivator V2.0

Designed for mid size and compact tractors the EA 110 Single Row Cultivator V2.0 is as good as it gets. With a 1/4″ reinforcement for the high stress areas you won’t find anything stronger. The tines are fully adjustable with 4 placement holes for the front and rear tines on each side and 3 placement holes for the center tines on each side. High quality spring steel tines with high carbon tips for superior durability. Includes 14″ bedder discs that mount on a 1-3/8″ solid bar with mounting holes spaced 43″ apart.

King Kutter “C” Tine Cultivator

The King Kutter C Tine Cultivator by King Kutter is a decent cultivator as well. It’s cheaper and not as well built but costs less. Again it’s more about what are you looking for. The King Kutter C Tine Cultivator has adjustable row widths, a heavy duty angle frame, and reversible heat treated points.

How To Cultivate Your Garden

Everything Attachments has a great video that explains how to cultivate your garden with a cultivator using their 110 Single Row Cultivator.

Lawn Scarifier

While it’s not exactly on topic is close a much smaller scale scarifier for small lawns is the Greenworks 14 Inch Corded Dethatcher. It’s one of the highest rated dethatchers in it’s category. Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performance, also includes a full set of replacement tines for a total of 18 tines. The tines have 3 position tine depth adjustment which provides greater control by removing matted layers which helps lawn growth.

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