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They audited the provincial fund for the strengthening of kindergartens

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Auditors of the Court of Auditors carried out an “on-site” audit of the funds transferred to the province of Entre Ríos, in order to audit the correct execution of the provincial Revolving Fund of the program No. 46 for the strengthening of the building of kindergartens, through the analysis of the execution and surrender of the funds transferred to the provincial executing unit (U. E. P.), by Resolutions No. 490/2018 and No. 569/2019, for a total of 44,035,937 pesos.

In this sense, the auditors of the Reer verified the income of the funds transferred from the ministry of Education of the Nation to the Executing Unit Provincial (U. E. P.) of Between Rivers, and noted the destination of the same and the tasks carried out by the Unit in the framework of the Program, which played its task of coordination, monitoring and implementation of the implementation of the Projects.

The audit work was performed in accordance with the provisions of Resolution No. 152/02 S. G. N. “Internal Audit Standards-Government”, having applied some of the procedures there are listed and others which were considered necessary for the fulfilment of the task.

The on-site visit was made to 6 works requested by the I. A. U. of the Ministry of Education, in the cities of Villa del Rosario, Federación, Lucas González and Paraná, which represent 79 percent of the total fund of the program, in the company of technical staff of the U. E. P.

In addition, the audit carried out the verification of the closing affidavit for the 2018 financial year of programme No. 46, in accordance with the procedures suggested by the Internal Audit Unit, and the verification of the purchase and distribution of equipment carried out in 2018.

The social contribution of public control

It has been 48 years since the Court of Auditors of Entre Ríos, and all its staff, committed itself day after day to the construction of a province model in which individual interests give way to the collective interests of society.

In this sense, the commitment to the improvement of Public Management and the performance of the provincial public sector is total; putting control at the service of public policies and investments, evaluating their performance and contributing to their improvement; guaranteeing the correct and adequate use of public funds for the benefit of the whole society and its interests.

In this way, the Reer becomes the “guarantor” of the control at the provincial level, as well as strengthening the management of public policies and investments in the Province of entre Ríos. By allowing, on the one hand, transparency of actions and, on the other hand, by generating a better quality of life for citizens, by achieving through constructive control a greater impact of the policies and investments that are implemented in our province.

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