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The Wanda Gardens will open in the coming days

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The surroundings of the Metropolitan Wanda go, little by little, leaving behind the secarral in which the current stadium of Atletico Madrid was erected. If the setting up of the countryside and the basic services for its enjoyment-including access by road and public transport – were like a time trial, the truth is that since club rojiblanco moved to San Blas in the summer of 2017 the area still needs to be upgraded in some points. This is the case with the green areas which have been projected for more than a year and a half for the plot which opens in front of the enclosure and which, after having accumulated several delays, will finally say goodbye to the fences in the coming weeks.

This has been confirmed to madridiario fuentes of the area of Works and equipment of the city of Madrid, who assure that the reception of the work is planned for the next 5 August. The residents of the neighborhood of Las Rosas will be able to enjoy this summer this public park of 13 hectares with children’s playground, biosaludable circuit or skate area.

They will, however, after several months of waiting, as the venue was scheduled to open in the spring. Work began in October 2018, with a six-month implementation period and a budget of around 6 million euros. However, delays in the work were forced to postpone the inauguration and the rehabilitation of the area was not completed in time for a date marked in red on the calendar of the capital: the final of the Champions League, on June 1, in the fief atletico.

The area in which this large urban park is situated is surrounded on the North End by the A-2 motorway, the M-40 on the east side, on the South by the Avenida de Arcentales and on the West by the Avenida de Luis Aragon├ęs. It is located in front of the Greek roundabout, opposite the stadium, and has been conceived as a space that allows the connection with other green areas of the neighborhood, as well as the movement of large pedestrian flows derived from the activity in the Wanda.

A play and sports area for all ages

The park is aimed at the enjoyment of both fans and residents of the district. Bounded by a fence of wood, there will be a play area for children 3 to 9 years where the little ones will have a slide of 2.3 meters long, a carousel, a ‘seesaw’, a seesaw or a sandbox. Another sector has also been reserved for children between the ages of 6 and 12, who will have games adapted to their age.

Seniors will also use their own exercise area with walkers, wrist and arm exercises, and balance, jump and parallel bars. Sport will be promoted in the same way in a biosaludable circuit divided into three independent parts that together form a path for gymnastic and training use in which stand out a bench of ABS, step up to strengthen legs and knees, push up or a horizontal ladder.

The offer for sports is complete with a skate park designed for the initiation to acrobatic exercises on skateboards, skates and bicycles. For this purpose, the floor has been covered by a polished concrete base that supports various ramps: one with a pipe shape, one with a pyramidal shape and three sides to slide or a drawer three meters long.

Indigenous species for a sustainable Park

The gardening project presented itself as an ambitious challenge in the absence of both arboreal and shrubby vegetation on the site. A true secarral that the Madrid consistory has endeavoured to turn into a sustainable landscape from an environmental and sensory point of view.

More than 550 trees and 45,200 shrubs are planted in the enclosure, all indigenous to or adapted to the environmental conditions of the city. Thus, pine trees, Cedars, Oaks, tilos or acacias will be the species that shelter the users-when they grow-from the heat with their shade.

On the other hand, the area of Prairie has been limited and the use of upholstery plants has been prioritized instead. The water-saving approach has weighed on the choice of water, so species with low water requirements have been selected. In the same line, an irrigation network has been developed using recycled water.

All this performance is complemented by a pine grove planted on the other side of the stadium, next to the water Center building. Together, a revitalized environment with different environments that allow for meeting, rest and leisure and where the bicycle has a leading role, favoring its use by means of a bike lane that runs through the park to the Metro station and urban bus stops.

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