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The caught while robbing a house in Jardines del Rey

Two men were delayed by staff from the second police station who caught them red-handed fleeing a house in the Jardines del Rey neighborhood, where they had entered after breaking a window.

The sequence began Monday at 2: 55 pm when the police station received a call warning about an alleged robbery, which was taking place in a house in the neighborhood. Immediately, police officers went to the place and upon arrival observed two men leaving the House.

While the voice was loud, the criminals ignored it, so the uniformed caught them while trying to flee. After identifying them, the officers determined that they were two men aged 36 and 31, and that one of them had a request for arrest requested by the flagrante delicto prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, the owner of the house arrived and said that several jewels and passports were missing from the interior. In addition, the officers were able to confirm that in order to enter the site, the robbers damaged a window of the house and the alarm he had.

The two men were delayed and transferred to police headquarters. Subsequently, a search warrant was requested from the Justice Department to inspect a backpack that the men had when they were caught and where the stolen items might be stored.

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