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The 7 kindergartens of the region where they will teach the aymara language and culture

The children’s garden and ‘sombrero’ nursery room of Cerro Sombrero was chosen for the start-up of the project that aims to teach the region’s children both the language and the aymara culture.

The initiative, financed by Conadi, will allow teachers of Indigenous language and culture (ELCI) to join the daily work with students in 7 establishments of the Integra network in our region.

To date, this agreement has benefited some 400 middle-level children in the Santa Rosa kindergartens, San Miguel de Azapa, Nueva Esperanza, Milagro de Amor, Sombrerito, Pachamama (Putre) and Poconchile (Lluta).

In practice, each ELCI will join the classroom to develop intercultural pedagogical experiences alongside the kindergarten education team. This work also extends to kindergarten teachers, educational (technical) agents and families, through elementary courses on Andean language, culture and worldview.

“Improving the quality of preschool education is one of President Piñera’s top government priorities. That is the way we are on and what better way to prove it by giving the official departure year 2019 to this agreement with Conadi,” said Ana Suzarte, Regional Director of Integra.

Generations to come

The Regional Director of Conadi, Emiliano García, stressed the importance of transferring this knowledge to boys and girls. “We need to rescue and practice our aymara language to pass it on to our future generations who are children.”

The agreement we have with Integra at the national level is distributed in 63 kindergartens, of which 7 are supported in this region.

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