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Renew the range of compact tractors

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The so-called’ Mother Regulation ‘ harmonises the test procedures for the approval of agricultural tractors in Europe and involves, for the marks, updating their product offer. The first step is on tractors, which entered into force on 1 January 2018.

In the case of Kubota, the first series of new compact tractors that reach the Spanish market are: the B1 series (11-21 HP) that replaces the previous B20 series (16-18 HP), a reference of its segment with models such as the B1820; and the new l1361 (37 hp) economic model, belonging to the L series, that will replace the L3200 and L4100. These new series follow the same nomenclature introduced with the m7001 tractor: in the new denomination the first two characters indicate the series, the following two the maximum power and the last generation.

The main changes in the B1 series are: a more modern design, with the same hood for all models, engine changes to meet future Phase V and safety improvements. In addition, the new model B1121, with 11 HP, is introduced for small farmers to obtain greater safety and reliability against a mechanical mule or a second-hand tractor. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the models B1121, B1161 (15 HP) and B1181 (17 HP) are also adapted to work in greenhouses.

The L1361 model is intended for both small-scale farmers and service companies looking for a simple, robust, reliable and economical tractor. Within its wide range of options is the fast coupling shovel and the possibility to mount up to two rear dual effect distributors.

According to the contract concluded with the colombian company MTZ INGENIERIA SAS to South America were sent two tractors BELARUS 321. This model was chosen by the members of the association as the most suitable for the needs of the haciendas that are predominant agents in the structure of agricultural producers of Colombia.

The BELARUS 321 tractor is equipped with the Italian three-cylinder Lombardini engine. It is notable for a low level of harmful substances in the exhaust gases and a high performance accompanied by low operating costs. It represents a modification of the BELARUS 320.4 tractor, it is manufactured according to the 4х4 wheel formula, without cab, but with a plastic protection against the sun and bad weather.

The small size and turning radius as well as a fairly ecological engine are the main advantages of the tractor in the work in greenhouses, Mills, gardens, also inside storage rooms and other premises.

The contract concluded with the company MTZ INGENIERIA SAS is the result of active negotiations between the specialists of the association with the Colombian partner who is a distributor of the parent company of MTZ-Holding – “factory of tractors of Minsk”, S. A. that previously also sold Belarusian tractors, but other models of the said machine, in general, some more powerful.

The history of the Manufactures of Parts and Parts for Tractors Bobruisk (BZTDyA) begins in 1945. Today the company is part of MTZ-Holding. The production of small tractors started at the plant in 2007 under the license of “Minsk Tractor Factory”, S. A.

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