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Parks and gardens in Florence

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Reading and learning about Florence May Give us a mental image of a small Italian city full of buildings that artistically combine the past and the present.

Perhaps in this vision we will not give space to the green areas and gardens where nature reigns. If this has been your case when investigating Florence The Capital of Tuscany, we invite you to see with your own eyes the parks and gardens in Florence, which although not many are worth visiting.

It happens that in Florence these green spaces are not so visible to a newcomer. Since they are mostly surrounded by bars and open to the public only on special seasons. Taking into consideration this detail of the Parks and gardens of Florence, at today’s entrance we will tell you which you can include in your travel itinerary.

In the Parks and gardens of Florence you can breathe fresh air, enjoy charming landscapes and escape from reality to rest for a while. There are parks where you spend a fun and relaxing afternoon, and gardens where statues and fountains give you an ideal Renaissance touch for a romantic Italian date.

Cascine Park

The largest park in Florence, with 118 ha,is the Cascine. It is located between the Arno and Mugnone rivers. One advantage of this park is that it opens every day of the year and admission is free.

There you can go jogging, biking, skating or lying on the grass to relax. If you go on a Tuesday you’ll see a market where you can buy items of all kinds.

Boboli Garden

The Boboli Garden (Italian: Giardino di Boboli) is the garden par excellence of Florence and one of the best in Italy. Located in Piazza Pitti, you can access it from the Palazzo Pitti, the Porta Romana or the Forte Belverde. It is open to the public from 8: 15 am, depending on the season the closing time varies from 5: 30 to 7: 30 pm. it only closes on the first and last Monday of each month. Admission is not very expensive, adults pay € 7, young people aged 18 to 25 only € 3.5 and children and young people under 17 are free of charge.

The surface of the Boboli Garden is not flat, this allows you to have pleasant views of Florence from its highest areas. Walk along its many paths and discover the statues, caves, plants and fountains that hide every corner of the garden. If you visit it in the summer season, we encourage you to attend the shows that are organized in the Prato delle Colonne.

Bobolino Gardens

Bobolino gardens are the green spaces adjacent to the Roman Porta and Michelangelo’s Palace. They’re like little brothers from the famous Boboli Garden.

Its atmosphere, full of flowers and trees, attracts people who want to stop for a while to rest or take pictures without the constant hustle and bustle of the busiest areas of the city.

Giardino Bardini

The Giardino Bardini is a beautiful garden located near the Forte Belvedere and adjacent to the Villa Bardini-known for its frequent exhibitions -. The entrance to this garden is combined with that of Boboli. The Giardino Bardini stands out for the flora it presents and for the views of the city it offers.

The Garden of the Villa Corsini

The Garden of Villa Corsini, hidden behind the Palace Corsini al Prato, is a large Italian garden with lemon aroma and walks surrounded by statues. The only ” but ” in this place is that it only opens to the public on special occasions. For example, if you go in the month of May you can enter the Garden of Villa Corsini and see the exhibition of “handicrafts and Palace”.

Florence gardens open in the month of May

Giardino degli Iris and Giardino delle Rose are Florence gardens worth visiting. But as they only open in May, seeing the flowers and roses displayed on them is complicated. If your stay in the Tuscan capital coincides with the date when these gardens open do not hesitate to meet them. They are located by Michelangelo Square and free entrance.

To finish with this entrance of Parks and gardens in Florence, we recognize that the city lacks more green areas where we disconnect from day to day. However, the parks and gardens of the Tuscan capital, which we mentioned here, have been able to fulfil their function.

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