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Illuminated sculptures, floral landscapes and an immersive experience at this expo

While the city does not always allow it, summer is a great opportunity to rest from the views full of buildings, traffic and smog, to instead appreciate the colorful floral landscapes. Now, the chilangos have a perfect excuse to do it with this illuminated sculpture expo in Jardines de México.

The exhibition of illuminated sculptures in gardens in Mexico is an immersive experience

Inspired by the five perfect geometries that Plato related to the elements to understand the concept of beauty, Mexican artist Ernesto Ríos reconfigures the relationship between tetrahedron, hexahedron, Octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron with their respective elements: fire, earth, air, ether and water.

“Geometries of light: five elements-five senses” retakes such a connection through five illuminated sculptures in gardens of Mexico with these geometries cut right in the middle to be symmetrically complemented and illusory on the surface of a mirror.

It is a game of dimensions and exercises that complements the artistic experience of the illuminated sculptures in gardens of Mexico with multimedia elements, aromas, drinks, atmospheric sound and space itself, thus empowering the senses to reflect on the real and the Unreal, the tangible and the intangible.

The combination of traditional plastic art with new technologies and the sensory character of the samples is already one of the distinctive stamps of Rivers. But on this occasion, the artist explores a new facet of his labyrinthine and geometric patterns found in nature and human creations.

If you need more reasons to run to see this sample, the floral landscape will surely convince you. Located just a few hours from the CDMX, this amazing morelense garden has more than 50 hectares, theme gardens, trails, streams and 193 floors, among many other attractions that make this a must visit of every capital.

The illuminated sculptures in Jardines de México will be exhibited at the “Labyrinth” Art Gallery from August 10 to September 8. To have access, you must book via email to al correo ernestoriosartist@yahoo.com.mx. if you want to learn more about this exhibition, visit the organizers ‘ social networks or their official website.

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