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Gardens of the world

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All over the world we can find a lot of beautiful gardens that surprise anyone either by the colors, the variety of flowers and plants or their smells among many other things. That’s why we wanted to mention the five gardens that, if you ever get a chance to visit them, you can’t miss them for anything in the world.:

Gardens Keukenhof (Holland)

With 32 hectares, this is one of the largest gardens in Europe. It is also known as the Garden of Europe and is full of tulips, fountains, lakes and precious Mills. The most characteristic thing that stands out in this garden, and which is also the most representative of Holland, is Tulip.

Cactus garden (Spain)

Even if many of us are not aware, we have in our country one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. This garden was the work of the artist and architect César Manrique. It stands out for the great variety of cacti that fit perfectly into the landscape and that cause a clash of colors, shapes, lines,… the enclosure is made of volcanic stone of the island, red and black, and Basalt. For many it is considered one of the best works of the artist.

Jardines de Monet (France)

These gardens were the inspiration for the great painter Claude Monet. This is where you can find the artist’s house next to the garden. His paintings represented these beautiful gardens and their most remarkable parts, such as the famous bridge and the pool of water lilies that have been painted by the artist in different paintings. But the most surprising thing about these gardens is the change that the landscape presents according to the time of year and it is said that spring is the perfect time.

Gardens of Butchart (Canada)

These gardens are one of the most famous corners of North America thanks to their charm and the multitude of species of flowers, trees and shrubs, lakes and fountains… it is a perfect place to go to disconnect and relax. So, if you have the opportunity to go, don’t miss it because it is the ideal place to enjoy the calm during the trip.

Waterfall Gardens (Costa Rica)

As we know, Costa Rica is a country that stands out for its nature and colors. Waterfall Gardens is in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by huge waterfalls, with countless species of tropical plants and a wide variety of animals such as toucans and monkeys among others. It’s a place that can knock anyone out and rightly so!

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