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Garden Tractor Scraper Blade

If you have ever owned a Garden Tractor Scraper Blade then you know how useful the can be. On the other hand if you are here in search for the best garden tractor scraper blade you can buy then you are in luck. Haven’t made up your mind and looking for more information then let me see if I can help. To start off with garden tractor scraper blades are pretty simple and basic design as there’s not much to look at. You’ve got the hitch, a shaft and a blade seems easy enough right? Well there’s a few other things such as the cutting edge, angle degrees and directions, types of welds, size and weight, even a parking stand for some of the tractor scraper blades.

Uses for Garden Tractor Scraper Blade

The great thing about tractor scrape blades or and scrape blade for that matter is the fact they can be used for a number of different tasks. I’d say for those living up north who receive a lot of snow use it mainly for scraping snow. A tractor scraping snow sure beats shoveling it. Scrapping driveways in general is one of the most common uses for a tractor scraper. Smoothing and filling in puddles is the perfect job for this type of tractor attachment. Pushing or pulling brush into brush piles and clearing storm debris are also great uses. Spreading mulch in the spring time or dirt piles to level out some low spots are simple tasks with the help of a scrape blade.

Different Types of Garden Tractor Scraper Blades

Obviously there are scraper blades for tractors but there is also scraper blades for lawn mowers, scraper blades for atvs, and even scrapers blade for snow blowers. Then you have the verity of styles such as a garden pull behind scraper also known as tractor rear scraper blade or a tractor supply box scraper. When times get tough people even make their own homemade garden tractor scrapers. For this article we will stick to the tractor and mower scrapers.

Garden Tractor Rear Scraper Blade

Okay so you get the idea and know just how useful a scrape blade can be so lets move on to list a few of our top choices for tractor scrape blades. These include subcompact and small compact tractors such as the Kubota B Series attachments.

1. Land Shark 5.0 Subcompact Scrape Blade

Our first tractor rear scraper blade is the Land Shark 5.0 Subcompact Scrape Blade by EverythingAttachments. This is a very light weight blade and easy to maneuver around. It comes in 3 different sizes including 48, 54, and 60 inch blade widths. Built to last with strong continuous weld as apposed to stitch welding. You’ll notice the blade can be removed and adjusted 10 inches left or right for offset. There are other blades out there with more steel for durability but for this size / weight combo it’s a perfect balance. The blade can be angled up to 30 degrees in either direction for clearing. One thing you don’t see on a lot of scrape blades which is included on the Land Shark is the parking stand. This is becoming a popular feature as it makes hooking up so much easier. I couldn’t find any comments on it however on their Facebook page a lot of customers seemed happy with it.

2. Behlen Country Sub Compact Grader Blade

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the Land Shark the Behlen Country Sub Compact Grade Blade isn’t a bad choice either. If you mainly moving snow this would make a great blade. However there are a few things that worry us if you plan to move heavy piles of dirt or gravel. The hitch design looks as if it’s a weaker design. I also don’t believe the blade has an offset which a lot of people don’t mess with anyway.

3. Land Shark Deluxe Scrape Blade

The Cadillac version of scrape blades is the Land Shark Delux Scrape Blade with Hyraulic Options. This does require a bigger tractor and more horse power because this thing weights 785 lbs.  It’s compatible with a category I & II quick hitch and 3/8″ thick moldboard. Tilting and angling the blade without having to get off your tractor thanks to hydraulic options would be well worth it. Did I mention it can be converted into a landscape rake as well (with the right options). It’ not cheap but I’d have to say it’s the king of scrape blades.

Lawn Mower Scrape Blades

Looking for a scrape blade to fit a lawn mower? We’ve got a few we picked out but always remember to double check to make sure the one you want fits your lawn mower. I don’t know of any scrape blade that is a one fit all.

1. MTD Genuine Parts 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment

One of the highest rated lawn mower scrape blades is the MTD Genuine 46 Inch Snow Blade Attachment on Amazon. It’s got a spring loaded blade return and adjustable skid shoes. You can  manually adjust the angle to a 25 degree left or right adjustment. Lots of satisfied customers commenting on how easy it was to put together and how well it works. Clearing snow as long as you have a place to put it, wasn’t a problem.  One customer used it to level gopher mounds while mowing while another used it to spread gravel in their driveway. There were a few complains about missing parts and how the instruction manual wasn’t easy to follow. Who reads instruction manuals anymore, just Youtube it =). It’s an absolutely great buy if you are looking for a lawn mower scrape blade.

2. Husqvarna 48-Inch Tex-Style Lawn Tractor Snow Dozer Plow Blade

Our second top choice would be the Husqvarna 48-Inch Snow Dozer Plow Blade. This is another great choice for lawn mower scraper blades as it’s super easy to assemble and install. Unlike the MTD this blade can angle up to 30 degrees left or right. Independing lift controls to rais and lower the blade from the tractors seat is always helpful. Includes a one time mounting bracket that makes hooking up and removing the blade with out the need of tools. Adjustable and replaceable skid shoes and scraper bar are also included.

With a 4 our of 5 stars on Amazon customers are really pleased. Mainly complaining about the initial installation of the mounting brackets other than that are satisfied. Complementing the ease of lifting, angling of the blade, and overall functionality. Another great product from Husqvarna.

3. Swisher 2645R 50-Inch Universal ATV Plow Blade

Okay so we didn’t want to leave out our ATV owners and found the Swisher 2645R 50-Inch Universal ATV Plow Blade. This plow blade is heavy duty construction with extra supports for the tough jobs. Has a unique dual engage inch angle selection system that provides double lock for plow angle. A reversible and replaceable cutting edge for longer life and plow-saving skids.

One thing to point out if you are considering this ATV plow blade is that it requires a universal mounting kit. Afterwards though it can be attached and removed in seconds with out the need of any tools like the Husqvarna above. You will also needs a winch on your ATV in order to use the plow.

Another blade with 4 out of 5 starts. Customers mention how it’s built like a tank and works like a champ. Highly recommended for any ATV owners who are the in market for a scraper blade. A word or caution, the blade has a built in safety feature or stress relief mechanism that tips the blade to prevent damaging your ATV or the mount.

Looking To Buy A Scrape Blade?  What are your thoughts?

As always we would love to hear from you. If you are looking to buy a scrape blade and have any questions please ask them in the comments below. Already have a scrape blade and want to offer some advice please share it with us in the comments and help us out. Know of another great option let us know about it. The more we know the better choices we can make and help others.

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