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Garden Tractor Box Blades

What is a Garden Tractor Box Blade

Garden tractor box blades are one of the most common garden tractor attachments there is and with good reason. Garden tractor box blades can be used for a number of different types of jobs making them very versatile. If designed right a box blade can be a combination of 3 different attachments, a forward and backward scrape blade, a scarifier bar, and a hopper box. Some people even use it as a tiller/plow.

Now I’m not saying that a box blade is better than a scraper blade or better than a scarifier. You really need to look at the big picture and see what you want to accomplish now and in the future.  If scrapping snow off your driveway is your main and only reason then a scraper blade would make a better choice. On the other hand if you plan on doing some garden and yard work along with scraping your drive then a box blade would make more sense.

Uses For Garden Box Blades

The real question is what can’t you do with a garden tractor box blade? I know it’s not the perfect attachment for everything but it’s pretty good at a lot of things.

  • Filling in mud holes
  • Leveling a driveway
  • Spreading mulch
  • Prepping a garden
  • Grading land
  • Moving piles of dirt or gravel
  • Scraping snow
  • Condensing burn piles

Those are just a few I could think of off the top of my head and I’m sure you already have a few in mind.

Guide To Buying A Garden Tractor Box Blade

Garden tractor box blades get a lot of abuse pulling and pushing stuff around and you need to make sure what every box blade you get has a good quality build. Solid welds and a strong steel frame is what makes a good box blade great. Another thing to consider is the type of hinge and hows it’s made. You want to make sure things don’t break the first root you get snagged on while scrapping the ground. Another thing to look at is the way the shanks insert into the box blade. I’ve seen them where they are held by metal plates and a pin and those tend to wear out fast. The better builds have slots cut out in the metal tube for the shanks to slide into which gives them a lot more support.

When buying a box blade make it’s a good idea that the width of the box blade slightly exceeds the outside width of your tractors back tires. Also make sure you scrape blades are removable, reversible, and if possible have offset slots. While most don’t have them reinforced plating on the side walls is also an extra nice touch. These things are heavy so be sure to factor in shipping costs. Note that because of the weight and size most box blades won’t ship directly to a residential address and will need to be pickup at a nearby shipping terminal.

Top Choices for Tractor Box Blades

Here’s a few of our top choices for compact and subcompact tractor box blades.

1. XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Box Blade

EA XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Box Blade by Everything Attachments is definitely a top contender. It’s rated for up to 35hp subcompact or compact tractors with a category I quick hitch. Made in the US which is a plus in our book. The side plates are 1/4 inch thick and has extra plates on the leader edges for even more durability.  As if that wasn’t enough they even added horseshoe shaped plates welded under the tube behind the bottom of the ripper shanks to strengthen the tube which helps prevent piercing. Another added bonus feature is the scarifiers have replaceable tips. Truly a great deal.

Very satisfied customers mentioning how it performs flawlessly and how it’s very well built.

2. Titan Box Blade Tractor Attachments

The Titan Box Blade Tractor Attachment is another great attachment from Titan. With a heavy duty build 4″x4″ square tubing shank for support and 6.25mm side panels. That’s a tad thinner than the XTreme Duty but still a good thickness. Perfect for light duty ripping, finish grading, and back-filling. Includes two reversible and replaceable curved, hardened steel cutting edges and 5 scarifier shanks.

I don’t think these shanks have replaceable tips but should be strong enough to last a good while. Only customer complaint was about missing parts. Over all customers were very satisfied.

3. Land Shark Subcompact Tractor Box Blade

The Land Shark Subcompact Tractor Box Blade is another attachment by Everything Attachments. It’s not quite as good as the XTreme Duty version but it’s also a bit cheaper in price. This version only comes in 48 & 54 inch widths so it’s more rated for subcompact tractors. Uses the same type of adjustable ripper shanks with replaceable tips. Also includes the extra plates of steel welded to the leading edges. You’ll get no complaints with this box blade either. They offer free shipping within the first 1000 miles as well.

Lawnmower Box Blades

Well to be honest there’s not many lawnmower box blades mainly because lawnmowers don’t have the horse power to pull them. Box blades typically weight a lot on to of that they need pulling and pushing power. If you have a heavy duty lawnmower with a 3 point quick hitch and enough horsepower you might be able to use the Land Shark Box Blade. We did find one that seems pretty decent and got a good number of positive comments for the average lawnmowers.

1. Brinly BS-38BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Box Scraper

At only 38 inches wide the Brinly BS-38BH Box Scraper is a perfect size for lawnmowers. It does require a sleeve hitch which is not included. Because of it’s light weight frame it’s got a built in weight tray on the back sized for cinder blocks. One thing this box blades that none of the others do is allows for 30 degree angles. This is when you want to use it as scraper blade. It’s by no means as durable as a tractor box blade but it’s not half bad.

Most customers are fairly satisfied and comment on how it’s great for small jobs such as moving sand and leveling small drives. I’m sure it would even be pretty good for light snow removal or maybe light garden work.

What Are Your Thoughts On Garden Tractor Box Blades

Do you already have a box blade or planning on getting one? What do you use it for or plan on using it for? Help us improve the site by sharing your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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