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Fully electric and autonomous tractors

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The global future of our planet depends, among other things, on agricultural resources. The implementation of automated systems in crops, crops and harvesting will accompany the future of this sector through high-tech equipment, processes and machinery.

In the not too distant future an army of electric and autonomous robotic tractors will be able to work 24 hours a day, achieving greater efficiency and efficiency in the agricultural sector.

These tractors, designed to operate practically without human aid and with zero emissions, will improve the efficiency and productivity of the current ones, in order to reduce time and contribute to the protection of the climate. In addition to significantly reducing operating costs.

The tractor autonomous Case IH ACV

The American manufacturer Case, belonging to the CNH Industrial Group, sees the autonomous tractor as a solution for the future of Agriculture.

The Autonomous Tractor Case IH ACV will make its debut in Europe at the SIMA de Paris, the most important agricultural machinery salon of the Old Continent, to be held from 26 February to 2 March 2017.

This prototype is already fully operational and anticipates what could be the tractor of the future, or simply the one that will revolutionize the rural environment in the coming years.

The tractor is remotely controlled by its owner, or by a specialist technician, from a tablet or PC via wifi. Once you receive orders, the tractor is set in motion and guided by the information received through sensors and laser cameras, using LiDAR technology.

For the time being , Case leaders have not provided the price range of The Case IH ACV, but they have assured that the additional cost of the autonomous system will only result in a small price increase over the same conventional tractor.

The company ensures that there is still time for, for example, equipping an electric motor. “With the current technology it is impossible, because an electric mechanics does not have sufficient autonomy to move the eleven tons that the tractor weighs during days of more than twenty-four hours without stopping”.

SESAM, the tractor electric John Deere

In contrast, the american company of agricultural machinery John Deere has developed the tractor electrical SESAM (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery – Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery–) also will be officially presented at the Hall of agricultural machinery SIMA in Paris.

John Deere pointed out that the tractor has two independent electric motors, one for traction and one for power intake and hydraulic system. But if necessary, the two engines can be combined. “When the tractor is stopped, there is no power loss.”

The tractor, still in the conceptual phase, has two electric motors that develop a total power of 300 kW (400 hp) – a power of 150 kW each– and feed on a battery of 130 kWh capacity, allowing a road autonomy of 55 km or four hours in field work. The charging time is close to three hours and the battery life is approximately 2,100 charging cycles. The maximum speed of the vehicle is around 30 km / h.

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