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Candles will light this summer the gardens of the Château de Villandry

Once Upon a time, in the commune of Villandry, in the heart of the Loire Valley, there was a castle able to charm anyone with the charm of its gardens: one dedicated to the sun, another to water, another to love, one where aromatic herbs grow, a labyrinth and an orchard, which played with the colors of vegetables and flowers planted in it to simulate a multicolored chess board.

We are talking about the Renaissance Château de Villandry, who can boast of having one of the most beautiful and well-cared-for gardens in France, open to the public all year round. But if there are some magical dates to visit them, those are the 2nd and 3rd of August.

During those next Friday and Saturday, as it happened in the past 5 and 6 July, a spectacle of lights will take over every corner of the farm of the Château of Villandry: nothing more and nothing less that 2000 candles will make competition to the starry sky of summer nights, stealing the attention of every passer-by of these royal gardens.

This event, dubbed ‘the nights of the thousand fires’, not only offers the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the Gardens By Candlelight, but also, during the evening, there will be numerous surprises such as depictions with epochal costumes and dance demonstrations under the theme of this edition: the Renaissance.

On the other hand, as in the 16th century the nobility valued art in all its facets, from equestrian exhibitions, in which horses and horsemen starred in acrobatics, to painting, these two magical nights have set out to make us travel in time thanks to spectacular shows of horse riding and the projection of Italian Renaissance works on the facade of the castle.

The number of tickets is limited, so if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy this festival of Light, visit this link or addiérelas in box office (before 19:00 h or 20:30 h to 22:30 h).

The general price is 12 euros, 7.50 euros the rate for young people (those who have not reached the age of majority and students, with prior accreditation, under the age of 26) and free access to those under the age of 8.

A romantic evening dinner at the Douce Terrasse, the Château de Villandry restaurant (open from 9 a.m. to the same time of night), and a later Night Walk Among candles, will make you remember this corner of France always.

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