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Alex Tejedor turns the gardens of Raixa into the scene of a short film

A love story in a charming spot. The multi-faceted Álex Tejedor, whose curriculum includes the labels of actor, director, screenwriter and composer, has chosen the monumental villa of Raixa as the setting for his new short film Sergi & Irina.

This project was born as a microteater we made for last year’s per Romanticisme Festival, which was held in the Alfabia Gardens, ” says Tejedor. “That same piece was inspired because that space reminded me of the Great Gardens of the Golden Hollywood movies,” he adds. Following that scent of American cinema in the 1940s and 1950s, Tejedor has produced a script that drinks from a real story.

“This piece is inspired by my grandparents, who were part of the Danish resistance during World War II, and although the short film itself does not touch this subject directly, it does have to do with the history of separation they lived through,” the author says.


The fundamental aspect of this new project is the musical part, unusual when it comes to short films, which acts as a guiding thread at all times.
Tejedor, also responsible for the composition of the songs, was assisted by Toni Cuenca for their adaptation. “We already had them in the original theatre piece, but we have made arrangements to make the songs look much more audiovisual,” says the director.

Adrián Salzedo and Teresa Ferrer will give life, and also voice, to Sergi and Irina, the protagonist couple. Tejedor states that they are two top performers, ” both with extensive experience in the musical genre and recently recognized with several awards for their work in the doctor.

“Sergi and Irinna meet in this wonderful space in the summer of’ 39, prior to the outbreak of World War II, and during the course of one night they sing and dance in love; everything, always, in a very idyllic way totally inspired by classical musicals”, advances Tejedor on the plot of the work.

After almost a week of intense filming in the beautiful gardens of Raixa, Tejedor does not hesitate to highlight the role of Toni Colom, responsible for the place, for the “facilities and support he has shown us”.

Without a release date, the short film is expected to come out at the end of the year so that the public can enjoy the views from the villa, at least through the big screen, while living a classic romance waiting for a happy ending that may be lost along the way.

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